Dear Theo

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My songwriting process

When I was 17 years old I got my first guitar, learned a handful of chords, and immediately wrote my first song (this explains why I’m such a mediocre guitar player – I’ve never stopped writing songs long enough to learn anything new). Since then, I’ve written hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds?) of songs.  I [...]

Not A Day Without A Line

Being that this is a blog named after the letters Vincent Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo, it feels appropriate to talk about a one of the handful of passages from those letters that I didn’t just highlight, but have let shape the way I think about and approach my life and my work. [...]

Dear Theo

When I was studying music and life on Martha’s Vineyard, one of the directors opened my eyes to a huge collection of letters written by Vincent van Gogh to his brother, Theo.  Having poured over these letters in the years since, I’ve come to think that van Gogh was not just catching Theo up on [...]

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    My name is David Cecil. I write songs. I play in band called far beyond frail. I own a creative agency called Johnny Lightning Strikes Again. This is my blog.
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